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PDF of FSA IDThe FSA ID Worksheet, also available in Spanish, will guide you through the FSA ID creation process. Federal Student Aid IDs are required for students to electronically sign the FAFSA, and one parent of a dependent student will also need to create an FSA ID. Keep this document in a safe place.



PDF of Are You Looking for MoneyAre You Looking for Money is a financial aid guide with specific information about Oklahoma's programs. It offers information about grants, scholarships, work-study, and student loans.

PDF of From Cradle to CollegeFrom Cradle to College provides information to help parents make college a reality for their children. It includes information about childhood development, learning, goal-setting and ways to pay for college.

PDF of Finish the FAFSA in 5 StepsFinish the FAFSA in 5 Steps, also available in Spanish, is a step-by-step guide designed to help students and their parents submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in just five simple steps. It also includes FAFSA Facts, which offers students and parents must-know facts about the FAFSA including useful terms, when to apply and how to get the most assistance throughout the process.

PDF of the Scholarship Success Guide opens in a new tab.The Scholarship Success Guide offers students tips for earning scholarships, including help with preparing to apply, meeting deadlines and writing essays. The guide also features a list of scholarship resources and websites.

PDF of Your Transition to CollegeYour Transition to College highlights the differences between high school and college, offers tips for success in college, and provides a summary of "to-do" items for high school seniors.

College Planning ChecklistsOur College Planning Checklists provide high school students detailed information about the steps they must take not only to gain admission to a college or university, but also to be successful in high school and college. From what classes to take to when to apply for financial aid, these checklists offer useful information for every high school student. Checklists are also available for middle school students.

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