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The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) and the Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP) are offering a free online tool to help counselors better assist their high school seniors to successfully complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The Oklahoma FAFSA Data Portal (OK-FDP) allows counselors, principals and mentors to provide more targeted assistance to their students, which is instrumental in increasing FAFSA completion rates—especially for first-generation students pursuing postsecondary education.

After the school district Superintendent/School Board President/Chief Executive has completed and electronically signed the FAFSA Completion Agreement with OSRHE/OCAP, authorized individuals from Oklahoma school districts will have access to student-level information on FAFSA completion status. By submitting specific demographic data on high school seniors, users will be able to view each student’s name, date of birth, FAFSA status, date the FAFSA was submitted and more. FAFSA data will be downloaded and provided to users on a weekly basis in the format shown below.

Screenshot of the FAFSA Completion Portal, showing information for sample students. Students are organized by row, and the information organized by column is District Name, School Name, First Name, State ID, Date of Birth, Completed FAFSA status, FAFSA Detail, Date App Submitted, and Selected for Verificiation.

Users will then be able to track their students’ progress and utilize the publications and services that are offered on StartWithFAFSA.org to assist students along the way.

To learn more and participate in the OK-FDP, visit the OK-FDP home page.