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Have you thought about what you want to be when you grow up? You may dream of becoming a doctor, engineer, teacher, beautician, graphic designer, nurse or welder– all jobs that require education beyond high school. You may have also thought you’re not “college material,” but you’re wrong. College is within your reach! logo

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Career Interest Survey opens in a new tab
"Career Interest Survey" Take this quiz to see what career might interest you

College Planning Checklists
"College Planning Checklists" Checklists to help high school students plan, prepare and pay for college

Do You Have a Plan for College? 11-12 grades brochure
"What's Your Plan for College?" Preparing and paying for college

Scholarship Success Guide
Scholarship Success Guide Tips for getting college scholarships

Your Transition to College
"Your Transition to College" Learn how college is different than high school

Your Money Matters High School Guide"Your Money Matters" High School Guide Covers credit, budgeting, saving, college planning & banking

Your Money Matters College Guide"Your Money Matters" College Guide Covers credit, budgeting, saving, college planning & banking